Bullet Physics SDK 2.54 released

Open source Bullet Physics SDK release information
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Bullet Physics SDK 2.54 released

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https://sourceforge.net/project/showfil ... _id=147573

-added btHeightfieldTerrainShape
(see VehicleDemo for usage, note that the demo graphics rendering of heightfield is extremely slow at the moment)
Thanks Jay for all feedback.
-upgraded to GIMPACT 0.2
(see MovingConcaveDemo and Bullet/Extras/GIMPACT)
-added raycasting filter
Thanks Jacky_J for contribution

Thanks to Marten Svanfeldt for following (and other) contributions:
-allow explicit setting of collision filter in addRigidBody
-allow custom collision filtering in broadphase
-improved debug rendering
-optionally disable pair-wise collision of rigidbodies sharing a constraint

Work in progress:
-managed Bullet C# version, that works on Windows and XBox 360 XNA, see Bullet/Extras/BulletX
Thanks KlemiX

-BulletMultiThreaded, unified implementation with Win32 Threads, PS3 SPURS and future pthreads and libspe2 support. See Bullet/Extras/BulletMultiThreaded.

Still on the roadmap is better API for single swept collision query (first preparations done), Featherstone constraints, Cell libspe2 and pthreads multi theading.

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