Bullet 2.85 released: pybullet, VR, inverse dynamics, IK

Open source Bullet Physics SDK release information
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Bullet 2.85 released: pybullet, VR, inverse dynamics, IK

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You can download the Bullet 2.85 release from github here:

Note this release was previously called 2.84, but due to serialization/version mismatch, it has been bumped up to 2.85.
Updated documentation will be added soon, as well as possible show-stopper bug-fixes, so the actual release tag may bump up to 2.85.x

Some of the features include:
  • pybullet Python bindings, see examples/pybullet
  • Virtual Reality support for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift using openvr see video (openvr only works properly on Windows, but Valve may support Linux and Mac in the future)
  • Bullet Inverse Dynamics, thanks to Thomas Buschmann
  • Inverse Kinematics, thanks to Samuel Buss and Yunfei Bai
Please enjoy, and expect improvements in future releases.
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