Crewon Clash and CReNET

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Crewon Clash and CReNET

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CReNET is a MMORPG with Pokemon-inspired gameplay, DotA competitive grandness, and Team Fortress 2 customization and profit model. Meaning it's not a pay-to-win. Imagine having a pokemon battle that is recordable, but also broadcast throughout the game world's screens? (Including TVs like in Saphire and the information screens in Diamond and Pearl) While showing of your training skills and customized clothes!
Sample image taken on Crewon Clash

However, you don't simply start making an MMORPG out of nowhere, so, our first stop is Crewon Clash a Pokemon Rumble blended with Diablo inspired game that shares almost all of CReNET's assets. A 3D Dungeon Crawler, which even casuals can into, in which when you defeat your enemies, they may become drops, and get added to your selectable characters, for you, or your friends, to use. Different ones will be suited for different roles (healer, tank, trap/summoner, melee DPS, range DPS) and mixing them will be required for the ultimate team!
120fps on an Intel B960 with integrated graphics

Right now, we just launched our crowdfunding/kickstarter campaign, which includes the latest demo free (the one used to take the above screenshots). Please support us, because I know many of you have wanted this concept for a long time!
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And of course, this was done using Bullet.
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