Flying game Altitude0 and Bullet Logo

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Flying game Altitude0 and Bullet Logo

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My name is Dare and this is my first post although I got quite some info from this forum in the past regarding Bullet library.

I would like to introduce you to game Altitude0 - airplane racing game that naturally uses Bullet Physics.


Acrobatic flying is necessary to successfully finish each race faster than others: loops, rolls, spins, hammerheads, whatever the name, you will learn to use them all.
The game is an online flying game, encouraging players to compete against each other and share their achievements.

Currently game is in closed beta stage but you are invited to join by visiting game's page

Regarding physics
Bullet library is used primarily to handle rigid bodies, while airplane flying model was built on top of it. Bullet physics did very well when handling collisions with procedurally generated trees where number of trees, bushes & other plants could go through the roof. Trees are added & removed from the physics module as the airplane flies over the terrain.
We also used btRaycastVehicle for airplane landing & driving on the ground and btSoftBody for some waiving flags (eye candy).

At this occasion, I would also like to ask if there is a bigger Bullet Physics Logo available for download, so that we can include Bullet mention it in the credits section.

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