paragliding simulation prototype demo (bullet v2.71 SDK)

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paragliding simulation prototype demo (bullet v2.71 SDK)

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THANK YOU for the amazing bullet code library. i have wanted to try this project since 2008 and finally sat down this week to give it a go!

part v playing around with the wing force model and wing stiffness model.

when wing stiffness is low, applying a tension force along the long axis of the wing prevents the hot air balloon problem. this allows a loose wing good for ground-handling and take-off practice mode.

when wing stiffness is too high, instant ground spiral! the wing becomes responsive and will be good for ACRO practice mode eg how to exit spirals or SATs.

PART V youtube video link

part vi flight tests using brakes on the bullet soft body wing.

NEW wing force model with forward speed in the direction the wing is facing (via cross product of the wing span and -y vectors). previously the wing force was a simple velocity hack of the render loop which always added forward speed in the +z direction only.

PART VI youtube video link
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