Ballistic for Android

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Ballistic for Android

Post by sphericalsoft »


I have created an Android game named Ballistic, available for free on the Play Store: [Ballistic on Google Play]

It is a 3D marble game, where you have to get your marble to the finish line, solve a maze, and collect items.
Some levels have moving platforms, and hidden items!

I wrote the game and rendering engine first in Java, and then ported it to C++/NDK.
I believe the JNI bridges from my engine into Bullet and into OpenGL were causing significant performance penalties.
Porting to use the Android NDK definitely sped things up a bunch!

I also modified the blender wavefront exporter to allow me to load models straight into my game engine. Specifically, OBJ did not let you set a parent object, and animations were a series of meshes (I seem to recall, anyway).

The game is currently free, has no IAP, no ads, and requires no special permissions.

I will be releasing a new version with 5 new 'racetrack' levels this month. Next I plan on adding multiplayer!

The game currently has about 1400 downloads, and a rating of 4.64.
I would love to get some more downloads and positive ratings!
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Re: Ballistic for Android

Post by trebalmen »

I will try your game and write a review here
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Re: Ballistic for Android

Post by smithjoshep »

Very Interesting Game !
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Re: Ballistic for Android

Post by susan123 »

I really enjoyed your game. It's amazing!
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Re: Ballistic for Android

Post by Pankow »

susan123 wrote: Wed Jul 05, 2017 12:43 pm I really enjoyed D-Bal Max and your game. It's amazing!
I tried your game, Spherical, and it's pretty fun I must say. I really like the backgrounds as well, they're so easy on the eye. You have any similar projects going on?
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