Influence of Kinematic Object

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Influence of Kinematic Object

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I wish to implement a chain of bodies, linked together by hinge constraints, such that if i move one body, the rest of the bodies move according to the movement and the body and the constraints.

I want to give a transformation matrix of one part, and i want bullet to solve for the transformations of the rest of the chain (which could be cyclic), however, till now, i could not find a way to do this.

The closest i got, was to implement all the bodies as dynamic bodies with constraints, and move one body using a force, and the rest of the bodies move accordingly. However, this is problematic as it is very difficult for me to transform the transformation matrices i have in mind to a set of forces.

Therefore, i wish to have a kinematic object, for which i set a transformation matrix, and the rest of the parts follow according to their constraints with the moved body, does anyone know how to do this?

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Re: Influence of Kinematic Object

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I would use torque or linV

Diff = object.worldOrientation-target.worldOrientation

own.worldAngularVelocity = Diff*multiplier

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