Impossiballs iphone/android game using Bullet physics

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Impossiballs iphone/android game using Bullet physics

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Impossiballs is an arcade game for iPhone/iPad and Android devices where the player is called to put all the balls in the holes by tilting the device.
All physics simulation is handled by Bullet.

Web site:
Game video:
iTunes link: ... d972439447
Google Play: ... alls&hl=en

For some of the game objects e.g. like the floor which contains holes, a custom collision shape was developed with a custom collision algorithm :D
For the Android version a port was developed in pure Java from the Bullet version 2.78. The port is a somewhat stripped version i.e. components that were not used in the game (e.g. Characters or Actions) were not ported.

A big thanks to the Bullet developers for a great physics library!
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