Bullet consulting (urgent and well paid)

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Bullet consulting (urgent and well paid)

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We're working on a serious simulation. It involves interaction between soft tissue and rigid immovable bodies... e.g a device pressing into living tissue.

The problems we are having is that collision between the softbodies and the rigid collision shapes (bullet primitives like spheres and boxes) are very inaccurate.
We're looking for someone with detailed knowledge of bullet softbody and collision, including all the many parameters which seem to be key getting this set up.
It is mainly for consulting, maybe a little coding... you don't need to understand our app in great detail. It is very time critical, we need to get someone on it immediately (like today) with a reasonable amount of time to spare over the next week.

We'll pay well.

Edit: We solved part of the problem, but we still need help, please see http://bulletphysics.com/Bullet/phpBB3/ ... f=9&t=4000
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