Beginner question: hair simulation

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Beginner question: hair simulation

Post by Alessandro »

I'm building a C++ OpenGL based application that allows to style and model hairs. Each strand is made of n segments and I currently use verlet to constrain vertices distances.
I'd like to add some physics to the hairs (and so gravity and hair dynamics).

I'd really appreciate if you could give me some directions to follow and some suggestions about I would interface my current data structure in order to handle the SDK routines.
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Re: Beginner question: hair simulation

Post by saggita »

Hi Alessandro,

I just came across your post. It is more than year old and you may have already found something but I just reply to your post in case anyone is interested.

I worked on hair simulation for TressFX and the source code is released in the AMD web site as linked below. ... adeon-sdk/

It is written in DirectX 11 and hair simulation uses Direct Compute (compute shader). It can be easily translated into other languages such as OpenCL since it doesn't use any DX11 specific functions much.

Alessandro, you mentioned you were working on application for hair modeling and styling. Do you have any screenshots or video to share?

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