Can Bullet simulate gears , and elastics ?

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Can Bullet simulate gears , and elastics ?

Post by NikoPortoriko » Wed Sep 27, 2017 10:59 am

Hallo everybody,

I m totally new in this Forum and i couldn' t read the rules, so i offer you my apologize if i may didn t introduct myself before.

I m designing a simple machine , but i need to simulate the behavior of a system made of an elastic corp jointed to a roller chain wich is driven to the opposit direction 3 times faster than the contraction speed of the elastic corp itself.

Do you think it could be done using Bullet and 3D models from Autodesk Inventor ?


Sorry if my english is not so good .

Thanks in Advise
the broken curve is the upper path of the chain , the elastic is suppose to be plugged on the downster side of the gears , and a smoller one is suppose to be plugged upster and connected to a dart
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