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btTranslationalLimitMotor Class Reference

#include <btGeneric6DofConstraint.h>

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Public Member Functions

 btTranslationalLimitMotor ()
 btTranslationalLimitMotor (const btTranslationalLimitMotor &other)
bool isLimited (int limitIndex) const
 Test limit. More...
bool needApplyForce (int limitIndex) const
int testLimitValue (int limitIndex, btScalar test_value)
btScalar solveLinearAxis (btScalar timeStep, btScalar jacDiagABInv, btRigidBody &body1, const btVector3 &pointInA, btRigidBody &body2, const btVector3 &pointInB, int limit_index, const btVector3 &axis_normal_on_a, const btVector3 &anchorPos)

Public Attributes

btVector3 m_lowerLimit
 the constraint lower limits More...
btVector3 m_upperLimit
 the constraint upper limits More...
btVector3 m_accumulatedImpulse
bool m_enableMotor [3]
btVector3 m_targetVelocity
 target motor velocity More...
btVector3 m_maxMotorForce
 max force on motor More...
btVector3 m_currentLimitError
btVector3 m_currentLinearDiff
 How much is violated this limit. More...
int m_currentLimit [3]
 Current relative offset of constraint frames. More...
btScalar m_limitSoftness
 Linear_Limit_parameters. More...
btScalar m_damping
 Damping for linear limit. More...
btScalar m_restitution
btVector3 m_normalCFM
 Bounce parameter for linear limit. More...
btVector3 m_stopERP
 Error tolerance factor when joint is at limit. More...
btVector3 m_stopCFM
 Constraint force mixing factor when joint is at limit. More...

Detailed Description

Definition at line 140 of file btGeneric6DofConstraint.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

btTranslationalLimitMotor::btTranslationalLimitMotor ( )

Definition at line 162 of file btGeneric6DofConstraint.h.

btTranslationalLimitMotor::btTranslationalLimitMotor ( const btTranslationalLimitMotor other)

Definition at line 182 of file btGeneric6DofConstraint.h.

Member Function Documentation

bool btTranslationalLimitMotor::isLimited ( int  limitIndex) const

Test limit.

  • free means upper < lower,
  • locked means upper == lower
  • limited means upper > lower
  • limitIndex: first 3 are linear, next 3 are angular

Definition at line 210 of file btGeneric6DofConstraint.h.

bool btTranslationalLimitMotor::needApplyForce ( int  limitIndex) const

Definition at line 214 of file btGeneric6DofConstraint.h.

btScalar btTranslationalLimitMotor::solveLinearAxis ( btScalar  timeStep,
btScalar  jacDiagABInv,
btRigidBody body1,
const btVector3 pointInA,
btRigidBody body2,
const btVector3 pointInB,
int  limit_index,
const btVector3 axis_normal_on_a,
const btVector3 anchorPos 

find relative velocity

apply displacement correction

Definition at line 273 of file btGeneric6DofConstraint.cpp.

int btTranslationalLimitMotor::testLimitValue ( int  limitIndex,
btScalar  test_value 

Definition at line 242 of file btGeneric6DofConstraint.cpp.

Member Data Documentation

btVector3 btTranslationalLimitMotor::m_accumulatedImpulse

Definition at line 145 of file btGeneric6DofConstraint.h.

int btTranslationalLimitMotor::m_currentLimit[3]

Current relative offset of constraint frames.

0=free, 1=at lower limit, 2=at upper limit

Definition at line 160 of file btGeneric6DofConstraint.h.

btVector3 btTranslationalLimitMotor::m_currentLimitError

Definition at line 158 of file btGeneric6DofConstraint.h.

btVector3 btTranslationalLimitMotor::m_currentLinearDiff

How much is violated this limit.

Definition at line 159 of file btGeneric6DofConstraint.h.

btScalar btTranslationalLimitMotor::m_damping

Damping for linear limit.

Definition at line 149 of file btGeneric6DofConstraint.h.

bool btTranslationalLimitMotor::m_enableMotor[3]

Definition at line 155 of file btGeneric6DofConstraint.h.

btScalar btTranslationalLimitMotor::m_limitSoftness


Softness for linear limit

Definition at line 148 of file btGeneric6DofConstraint.h.

btVector3 btTranslationalLimitMotor::m_lowerLimit

the constraint lower limits

Definition at line 143 of file btGeneric6DofConstraint.h.

btVector3 btTranslationalLimitMotor::m_maxMotorForce

max force on motor

Definition at line 157 of file btGeneric6DofConstraint.h.

btVector3 btTranslationalLimitMotor::m_normalCFM

Bounce parameter for linear limit.

Constraint force mixing factor

Definition at line 151 of file btGeneric6DofConstraint.h.

btScalar btTranslationalLimitMotor::m_restitution

Definition at line 150 of file btGeneric6DofConstraint.h.

btVector3 btTranslationalLimitMotor::m_stopCFM

Constraint force mixing factor when joint is at limit.

Definition at line 153 of file btGeneric6DofConstraint.h.

btVector3 btTranslationalLimitMotor::m_stopERP

Error tolerance factor when joint is at limit.

Definition at line 152 of file btGeneric6DofConstraint.h.

btVector3 btTranslationalLimitMotor::m_targetVelocity

target motor velocity

Definition at line 156 of file btGeneric6DofConstraint.h.

btVector3 btTranslationalLimitMotor::m_upperLimit

the constraint upper limits

Definition at line 144 of file btGeneric6DofConstraint.h.

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