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btRigidBody Class Reference

The btRigidBody is the main class for rigid body objects. More...

#include <btRigidBody.h>

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struct  btRigidBodyConstructionInfo
 The btRigidBodyConstructionInfo structure provides information to create a rigid body. More...

Public Member Functions

 btRigidBody (const btRigidBodyConstructionInfo &constructionInfo)
 btRigidBody constructor using construction info More...
 btRigidBody (btScalar mass, btMotionState *motionState, btCollisionShape *collisionShape, const btVector3 &localInertia=btVector3(0, 0, 0))
 btRigidBody constructor for backwards compatibility. More...
virtual ~btRigidBody ()
void proceedToTransform (const btTransform &newTrans)
void predictIntegratedTransform (btScalar step, btTransform &predictedTransform)
 continuous collision detection needs prediction More...
void saveKinematicState (btScalar step)
void applyGravity ()
void setGravity (const btVector3 &acceleration)
const btVector3getGravity () const
void setDamping (btScalar lin_damping, btScalar ang_damping)
btScalar getLinearDamping () const
btScalar getAngularDamping () const
btScalar getLinearSleepingThreshold () const
btScalar getAngularSleepingThreshold () const
void applyDamping (btScalar timeStep)
 applyDamping damps the velocity, using the given m_linearDamping and m_angularDamping More...
const btCollisionShapegetCollisionShape () const
btCollisionShapegetCollisionShape ()
void setMassProps (btScalar mass, const btVector3 &inertia)
const btVector3getLinearFactor () const
void setLinearFactor (const btVector3 &linearFactor)
btScalar getInvMass () const
const btMatrix3x3getInvInertiaTensorWorld () const
void integrateVelocities (btScalar step)
void setCenterOfMassTransform (const btTransform &xform)
void applyCentralForce (const btVector3 &force)
const btVector3getTotalForce () const
const btVector3getTotalTorque () const
const btVector3getInvInertiaDiagLocal () const
void setInvInertiaDiagLocal (const btVector3 &diagInvInertia)
void setSleepingThresholds (btScalar linear, btScalar angular)
void applyTorque (const btVector3 &torque)
void applyForce (const btVector3 &force, const btVector3 &rel_pos)
void applyCentralImpulse (const btVector3 &impulse)
void applyTorqueImpulse (const btVector3 &torque)
void applyImpulse (const btVector3 &impulse, const btVector3 &rel_pos)
void clearForces ()
void updateInertiaTensor ()
const btVector3getCenterOfMassPosition () const
btQuaternion getOrientation () const
const btTransformgetCenterOfMassTransform () const
const btVector3getLinearVelocity () const
const btVector3getAngularVelocity () const
void setLinearVelocity (const btVector3 &lin_vel)
void setAngularVelocity (const btVector3 &ang_vel)
btVector3 getVelocityInLocalPoint (const btVector3 &rel_pos) const
void translate (const btVector3 &v)
void getAabb (btVector3 &aabbMin, btVector3 &aabbMax) const
btScalar computeImpulseDenominator (const btVector3 &pos, const btVector3 &normal) const
btScalar computeAngularImpulseDenominator (const btVector3 &axis) const
void updateDeactivation (btScalar timeStep)
bool wantsSleeping ()
const btBroadphaseProxygetBroadphaseProxy () const
btBroadphaseProxygetBroadphaseProxy ()
void setNewBroadphaseProxy (btBroadphaseProxy *broadphaseProxy)
btMotionStategetMotionState ()
const btMotionStategetMotionState () const
void setMotionState (btMotionState *motionState)
void setAngularFactor (const btVector3 &angFac)
void setAngularFactor (btScalar angFac)
const btVector3getAngularFactor () const
bool isInWorld () const
void addConstraintRef (btTypedConstraint *c)
void removeConstraintRef (btTypedConstraint *c)
btTypedConstraintgetConstraintRef (int index)
int getNumConstraintRefs () const
void setFlags (int flags)
int getFlags () const
btVector3 computeGyroscopicImpulseImplicit_World (btScalar dt) const
 perform implicit force computation in world space More...
btVector3 computeGyroscopicImpulseImplicit_Body (btScalar step) const
 perform implicit force computation in body space (inertial frame) More...
btVector3 computeGyroscopicForceExplicit (btScalar maxGyroscopicForce) const
 explicit version is best avoided, it gains energy More...
btVector3 getLocalInertia () const
virtual int calculateSerializeBufferSize () const
virtual const char * serialize (void *dataBuffer, class btSerializer *serializer) const
 fills the dataBuffer and returns the struct name (and 0 on failure) More...
virtual void serializeSingleObject (class btSerializer *serializer) const
- Public Member Functions inherited from btCollisionObject
bool mergesSimulationIslands () const
const btVector3getAnisotropicFriction () const
void setAnisotropicFriction (const btVector3 &anisotropicFriction, int frictionMode=CF_ANISOTROPIC_FRICTION)
bool hasAnisotropicFriction (int frictionMode=CF_ANISOTROPIC_FRICTION) const
void setContactProcessingThreshold (btScalar contactProcessingThreshold)
 the constraint solver can discard solving contacts, if the distance is above this threshold. More...
btScalar getContactProcessingThreshold () const
bool isStaticObject () const
bool isKinematicObject () const
bool isStaticOrKinematicObject () const
bool hasContactResponse () const
 btCollisionObject ()
virtual ~btCollisionObject ()
virtual void setCollisionShape (btCollisionShape *collisionShape)
const btCollisionShapegetCollisionShape () const
btCollisionShapegetCollisionShape ()
void setIgnoreCollisionCheck (const btCollisionObject *co, bool ignoreCollisionCheck)
virtual bool checkCollideWithOverride (const btCollisionObject *co) const
void * internalGetExtensionPointer () const
 Avoid using this internal API call, the extension pointer is used by some Bullet extensions. More...
void internalSetExtensionPointer (void *pointer)
 Avoid using this internal API call, the extension pointer is used by some Bullet extensions If you need to store your own user pointer, use 'setUserPointer/getUserPointer' instead. More...
int getActivationState () const
void setActivationState (int newState) const
void setDeactivationTime (btScalar time)
btScalar getDeactivationTime () const
void forceActivationState (int newState) const
void activate (bool forceActivation=false) const
bool isActive () const
void setRestitution (btScalar rest)
btScalar getRestitution () const
void setFriction (btScalar frict)
btScalar getFriction () const
void setRollingFriction (btScalar frict)
btScalar getRollingFriction () const
void setSpinningFriction (btScalar frict)
btScalar getSpinningFriction () const
void setContactStiffnessAndDamping (btScalar stiffness, btScalar damping)
btScalar getContactStiffness () const
btScalar getContactDamping () const
int getInternalType () const
 reserved for Bullet internal usage More...
btTransformgetWorldTransform ()
const btTransformgetWorldTransform () const
void setWorldTransform (const btTransform &worldTrans)
btBroadphaseProxygetBroadphaseHandle ()
const btBroadphaseProxygetBroadphaseHandle () const
void setBroadphaseHandle (btBroadphaseProxy *handle)
const btTransformgetInterpolationWorldTransform () const
btTransformgetInterpolationWorldTransform ()
void setInterpolationWorldTransform (const btTransform &trans)
void setInterpolationLinearVelocity (const btVector3 &linvel)
void setInterpolationAngularVelocity (const btVector3 &angvel)
const btVector3getInterpolationLinearVelocity () const
const btVector3getInterpolationAngularVelocity () const
int getIslandTag () const
void setIslandTag (int tag)
int getCompanionId () const
void setCompanionId (int id)
int getWorldArrayIndex () const
void setWorldArrayIndex (int ix)
btScalar getHitFraction () const
void setHitFraction (btScalar hitFraction)
int getCollisionFlags () const
void setCollisionFlags (int flags)
btScalar getCcdSweptSphereRadius () const
 Swept sphere radius (0.0 by default), see btConvexConvexAlgorithm:: More...
void setCcdSweptSphereRadius (btScalar radius)
 Swept sphere radius (0.0 by default), see btConvexConvexAlgorithm:: More...
btScalar getCcdMotionThreshold () const
btScalar getCcdSquareMotionThreshold () const
void setCcdMotionThreshold (btScalar ccdMotionThreshold)
 Don't do continuous collision detection if the motion (in one step) is less then m_ccdMotionThreshold. More...
void * getUserPointer () const
 users can point to their objects, userPointer is not used by Bullet More...
int getUserIndex () const
int getUserIndex2 () const
void setUserPointer (void *userPointer)
 users can point to their objects, userPointer is not used by Bullet More...
void setUserIndex (int index)
 users can point to their objects, userPointer is not used by Bullet More...
void setUserIndex2 (int index)
int getUpdateRevisionInternal () const
void setCustomDebugColor (const btVector3 &colorRGB)
void removeCustomDebugColor ()
bool getCustomDebugColor (btVector3 &colorRGB) const
bool checkCollideWith (const btCollisionObject *co) const

Static Public Member Functions

static const btRigidBodyupcast (const btCollisionObject *colObj)
 to keep collision detection and dynamics separate we don't store a rigidbody pointer but a rigidbody is derived from btCollisionObject, so we can safely perform an upcast More...
static btRigidBodyupcast (btCollisionObject *colObj)

Public Attributes

int m_contactSolverType
int m_frictionSolverType

Protected Member Functions

void setupRigidBody (const btRigidBodyConstructionInfo &constructionInfo)
 setupRigidBody is only used internally by the constructor More...

Protected Attributes

btVector3 m_deltaLinearVelocity
btVector3 m_deltaAngularVelocity
btVector3 m_angularFactor
btVector3 m_invMass
btVector3 m_pushVelocity
btVector3 m_turnVelocity
- Protected Attributes inherited from btCollisionObject
btTransform m_worldTransform
btTransform m_interpolationWorldTransform
 m_interpolationWorldTransform is used for CCD and interpolation it can be either previous or future (predicted) transform More...
btVector3 m_interpolationLinearVelocity
btVector3 m_interpolationAngularVelocity
btVector3 m_anisotropicFriction
int m_hasAnisotropicFriction
btScalar m_contactProcessingThreshold
void * m_extensionPointer
 m_extensionPointer is used by some internal low-level Bullet extensions. More...
 m_rootCollisionShape is temporarily used to store the original collision shape The m_collisionShape might be temporarily replaced by a child collision shape during collision detection purposes If it is NULL, the m_collisionShape is not temporarily replaced. More...
int m_collisionFlags
int m_islandTag1
int m_companionId
int m_worldArrayIndex
int m_activationState1
btScalar m_deactivationTime
btScalar m_friction
btScalar m_restitution
btScalar m_rollingFriction
btScalar m_spinningFriction
btScalar m_contactDamping
btScalar m_contactStiffness
int m_internalType
 m_internalType is reserved to distinguish Bullet's btCollisionObject, btRigidBody, btSoftBody, btGhostObject etc. More...
void * m_userObjectPointer
 users can point to their objects, m_userPointer is not used by Bullet, see setUserPointer/getUserPointer More...
int m_userIndex2
int m_userIndex
btScalar m_hitFraction
 time of impact calculation More...
btScalar m_ccdSweptSphereRadius
 Swept sphere radius (0.0 by default), see btConvexConvexAlgorithm:: More...
btScalar m_ccdMotionThreshold
 Don't do continuous collision detection if the motion (in one step) is less then m_ccdMotionThreshold. More...
int m_checkCollideWith
 If some object should have elaborate collision filtering by sub-classes. More...
btAlignedObjectArray< const btCollisionObject * > m_objectsWithoutCollisionCheck
int m_updateRevision
 internal update revision number. It will be increased when the object changes. This allows some subsystems to perform lazy evaluation. More...
btVector3 m_customDebugColorRGB

Private Attributes

btMatrix3x3 m_invInertiaTensorWorld
btVector3 m_linearVelocity
btVector3 m_angularVelocity
btScalar m_inverseMass
btVector3 m_linearFactor
btVector3 m_gravity
btVector3 m_gravity_acceleration
btVector3 m_invInertiaLocal
btVector3 m_totalForce
btVector3 m_totalTorque
btScalar m_linearDamping
btScalar m_angularDamping
bool m_additionalDamping
btScalar m_additionalDampingFactor
btScalar m_additionalLinearDampingThresholdSqr
btScalar m_additionalAngularDampingThresholdSqr
btScalar m_additionalAngularDampingFactor
btScalar m_linearSleepingThreshold
btScalar m_angularSleepingThreshold
btAlignedObjectArray< btTypedConstraint * > m_constraintRefs
int m_rigidbodyFlags
int m_debugBodyId

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from btCollisionObject
enum  CollisionFlags {
enum  CollisionObjectTypes {
  CO_HF_FLUID =16,
enum  AnisotropicFrictionFlags {

Detailed Description

The btRigidBody is the main class for rigid body objects.

It is derived from btCollisionObject, so it keeps a pointer to a btCollisionShape. It is recommended for performance and memory use to share btCollisionShape objects whenever possible. There are 3 types of rigid bodies:

Definition at line 62 of file btRigidBody.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

btRigidBody::btRigidBody ( const btRigidBodyConstructionInfo constructionInfo)

btRigidBody constructor using construction info

Definition at line 30 of file btRigidBody.cpp.

btRigidBody::btRigidBody ( btScalar  mass,
btMotionState motionState,
btCollisionShape collisionShape,
const btVector3 localInertia = btVector3(0,0,0) 

btRigidBody constructor for backwards compatibility.

To specify friction (etc) during rigid body construction, please use the other constructor (using btRigidBodyConstructionInfo)

Definition at line 35 of file btRigidBody.cpp.

virtual btRigidBody::~btRigidBody ( )

Definition at line 185 of file btRigidBody.h.

Member Function Documentation

void btRigidBody::addConstraintRef ( btTypedConstraint c)

disable collision with the 'other' body

Definition at line 433 of file btRigidBody.cpp.

void btRigidBody::applyCentralForce ( const btVector3 force)

Definition at line 282 of file btRigidBody.h.

void btRigidBody::applyCentralImpulse ( const btVector3 impulse)

Definition at line 324 of file btRigidBody.h.

void btRigidBody::applyDamping ( btScalar  timeStep)

applyDamping damps the velocity, using the given m_linearDamping and m_angularDamping

Definition at line 161 of file btRigidBody.cpp.

void btRigidBody::applyForce ( const btVector3 force,
const btVector3 rel_pos 

Definition at line 318 of file btRigidBody.h.

void btRigidBody::applyGravity ( )

Definition at line 218 of file btRigidBody.cpp.

void btRigidBody::applyImpulse ( const btVector3 impulse,
const btVector3 rel_pos 

Definition at line 334 of file btRigidBody.h.

void btRigidBody::applyTorque ( const btVector3 torque)

Definition at line 313 of file btRigidBody.h.

void btRigidBody::applyTorqueImpulse ( const btVector3 torque)

Definition at line 329 of file btRigidBody.h.

int btRigidBody::calculateSerializeBufferSize ( ) const

Reimplemented from btCollisionObject.

Definition at line 476 of file btRigidBody.cpp.

void btRigidBody::clearForces ( )

Definition at line 346 of file btRigidBody.h.

btScalar btRigidBody::computeAngularImpulseDenominator ( const btVector3 axis) const

Definition at line 415 of file btRigidBody.h.

btVector3 btRigidBody::computeGyroscopicForceExplicit ( btScalar  maxGyroscopicForce) const

explicit version is best avoided, it gains energy

Definition at line 294 of file btRigidBody.cpp.

btVector3 btRigidBody::computeGyroscopicImpulseImplicit_Body ( btScalar  step) const

perform implicit force computation in body space (inertial frame)

Definition at line 309 of file btRigidBody.cpp.

btVector3 btRigidBody::computeGyroscopicImpulseImplicit_World ( btScalar  dt) const

perform implicit force computation in world space

Definition at line 350 of file btRigidBody.cpp.

btScalar btRigidBody::computeImpulseDenominator ( const btVector3 pos,
const btVector3 normal 
) const

Definition at line 403 of file btRigidBody.h.

void btRigidBody::getAabb ( btVector3 aabbMin,
btVector3 aabbMax 
) const

Definition at line 129 of file btRigidBody.cpp.

btScalar btRigidBody::getAngularDamping ( ) const

Definition at line 237 of file btRigidBody.h.

const btVector3& btRigidBody::getAngularFactor ( ) const

Definition at line 504 of file btRigidBody.h.

btScalar btRigidBody::getAngularSleepingThreshold ( ) const

Definition at line 247 of file btRigidBody.h.

const btVector3& btRigidBody::getAngularVelocity ( ) const

Definition at line 365 of file btRigidBody.h.

const btBroadphaseProxy* btRigidBody::getBroadphaseProxy ( ) const

Definition at line 460 of file btRigidBody.h.

btBroadphaseProxy* btRigidBody::getBroadphaseProxy ( )

Definition at line 464 of file btRigidBody.h.

const btVector3& btRigidBody::getCenterOfMassPosition ( ) const

Definition at line 354 of file btRigidBody.h.

const btTransform& btRigidBody::getCenterOfMassTransform ( ) const

Definition at line 359 of file btRigidBody.h.

const btCollisionShape* btRigidBody::getCollisionShape ( ) const

Definition at line 254 of file btRigidBody.h.

btCollisionShape* btRigidBody::getCollisionShape ( )

Definition at line 258 of file btRigidBody.h.

btTypedConstraint* btRigidBody::getConstraintRef ( int  index)

Definition at line 518 of file btRigidBody.h.

int btRigidBody::getFlags ( ) const

Definition at line 533 of file btRigidBody.h.

const btVector3& btRigidBody::getGravity ( ) const

Definition at line 225 of file btRigidBody.h.

const btVector3& btRigidBody::getInvInertiaDiagLocal ( ) const

Definition at line 297 of file btRigidBody.h.

const btMatrix3x3& btRigidBody::getInvInertiaTensorWorld ( ) const

Definition at line 274 of file btRigidBody.h.

btScalar btRigidBody::getInvMass ( ) const

Definition at line 273 of file btRigidBody.h.

btScalar btRigidBody::getLinearDamping ( ) const

Definition at line 232 of file btRigidBody.h.

const btVector3& btRigidBody::getLinearFactor ( ) const

Definition at line 264 of file btRigidBody.h.

btScalar btRigidBody::getLinearSleepingThreshold ( ) const

Definition at line 242 of file btRigidBody.h.

const btVector3& btRigidBody::getLinearVelocity ( ) const

Definition at line 362 of file btRigidBody.h.

btVector3 btRigidBody::getLocalInertia ( ) const

Definition at line 263 of file btRigidBody.cpp.

btMotionState* btRigidBody::getMotionState ( )

Definition at line 474 of file btRigidBody.h.

const btMotionState* btRigidBody::getMotionState ( ) const

Definition at line 478 of file btRigidBody.h.

int btRigidBody::getNumConstraintRefs ( ) const

Definition at line 523 of file btRigidBody.h.

btQuaternion btRigidBody::getOrientation ( ) const

Definition at line 405 of file btRigidBody.cpp.

const btVector3& btRigidBody::getTotalForce ( ) const

Definition at line 287 of file btRigidBody.h.

const btVector3& btRigidBody::getTotalTorque ( ) const

Definition at line 292 of file btRigidBody.h.

btVector3 btRigidBody::getVelocityInLocalPoint ( const btVector3 rel_pos) const

Definition at line 382 of file btRigidBody.h.

void btRigidBody::integrateVelocities ( btScalar  step)

clamp angular velocity. collision calculations will fail on higher angular velocities

Definition at line 387 of file btRigidBody.cpp.

bool btRigidBody::isInWorld ( ) const

Definition at line 510 of file btRigidBody.h.

void btRigidBody::predictIntegratedTransform ( btScalar  step,
btTransform predictedTransform 

continuous collision detection needs prediction

Definition at line 106 of file btRigidBody.cpp.

void btRigidBody::proceedToTransform ( const btTransform newTrans)

Definition at line 227 of file btRigidBody.cpp.

void btRigidBody::removeConstraintRef ( btTypedConstraint c)

Definition at line 456 of file btRigidBody.cpp.

void btRigidBody::saveKinematicState ( btScalar  step)

Definition at line 111 of file btRigidBody.cpp.

const char * btRigidBody::serialize ( void *  dataBuffer,
class btSerializer serializer 
) const

fills the dataBuffer and returns the struct name (and 0 on failure)

Reimplemented from btCollisionObject.

Definition at line 483 of file btRigidBody.cpp.

void btRigidBody::serializeSingleObject ( class btSerializer serializer) const

Reimplemented from btCollisionObject.

Definition at line 520 of file btRigidBody.cpp.

void btRigidBody::setAngularFactor ( const btVector3 angFac)

Definition at line 493 of file btRigidBody.h.

void btRigidBody::setAngularFactor ( btScalar  angFac)

Definition at line 499 of file btRigidBody.h.

void btRigidBody::setAngularVelocity ( const btVector3 ang_vel)

Definition at line 376 of file btRigidBody.h.

void btRigidBody::setCenterOfMassTransform ( const btTransform xform)

Definition at line 413 of file btRigidBody.cpp.

void btRigidBody::setDamping ( btScalar  lin_damping,
btScalar  ang_damping 

Definition at line 151 of file btRigidBody.cpp.

void btRigidBody::setFlags ( int  flags)

Definition at line 528 of file btRigidBody.h.

void btRigidBody::setGravity ( const btVector3 acceleration)

Definition at line 137 of file btRigidBody.cpp.

void btRigidBody::setInvInertiaDiagLocal ( const btVector3 diagInvInertia)

Definition at line 302 of file btRigidBody.h.

void btRigidBody::setLinearFactor ( const btVector3 linearFactor)

Definition at line 268 of file btRigidBody.h.

void btRigidBody::setLinearVelocity ( const btVector3 lin_vel)

Definition at line 370 of file btRigidBody.h.

void btRigidBody::setMassProps ( btScalar  mass,
const btVector3 inertia 

Definition at line 233 of file btRigidBody.cpp.

void btRigidBody::setMotionState ( btMotionState motionState)

Definition at line 482 of file btRigidBody.h.

void btRigidBody::setNewBroadphaseProxy ( btBroadphaseProxy broadphaseProxy)

Definition at line 468 of file btRigidBody.h.

void btRigidBody::setSleepingThresholds ( btScalar  linear,
btScalar  angular 

Definition at line 307 of file btRigidBody.h.

void btRigidBody::setupRigidBody ( const btRigidBodyConstructionInfo constructionInfo)

setupRigidBody is only used internally by the constructor

Definition at line 41 of file btRigidBody.cpp.

void btRigidBody::translate ( const btVector3 v)

Definition at line 391 of file btRigidBody.h.

static const btRigidBody* btRigidBody::upcast ( const btCollisionObject colObj)

to keep collision detection and dynamics separate we don't store a rigidbody pointer but a rigidbody is derived from btCollisionObject, so we can safely perform an upcast

Definition at line 203 of file btRigidBody.h.

static btRigidBody* btRigidBody::upcast ( btCollisionObject colObj)

Definition at line 209 of file btRigidBody.h.

void btRigidBody::updateDeactivation ( btScalar  timeStep)

Definition at line 421 of file btRigidBody.h.

void btRigidBody::updateInertiaTensor ( )

Definition at line 256 of file btRigidBody.cpp.

bool btRigidBody::wantsSleeping ( )

Definition at line 438 of file btRigidBody.h.

Member Data Documentation

btScalar btRigidBody::m_additionalAngularDampingFactor

Definition at line 84 of file btRigidBody.h.

btScalar btRigidBody::m_additionalAngularDampingThresholdSqr

Definition at line 83 of file btRigidBody.h.

bool btRigidBody::m_additionalDamping

Definition at line 80 of file btRigidBody.h.

btScalar btRigidBody::m_additionalDampingFactor

Definition at line 81 of file btRigidBody.h.

btScalar btRigidBody::m_additionalLinearDampingThresholdSqr

Definition at line 82 of file btRigidBody.h.

btScalar btRigidBody::m_angularDamping

Definition at line 78 of file btRigidBody.h.

btVector3 btRigidBody::m_angularFactor

Definition at line 105 of file btRigidBody.h.

btScalar btRigidBody::m_angularSleepingThreshold

Definition at line 88 of file btRigidBody.h.

btVector3 btRigidBody::m_angularVelocity

Definition at line 67 of file btRigidBody.h.

btAlignedObjectArray<btTypedConstraint*> btRigidBody::m_constraintRefs

Definition at line 94 of file btRigidBody.h.

int btRigidBody::m_contactSolverType

Definition at line 490 of file btRigidBody.h.

int btRigidBody::m_debugBodyId

Definition at line 98 of file btRigidBody.h.

btVector3 btRigidBody::m_deltaAngularVelocity

Definition at line 104 of file btRigidBody.h.

btVector3 btRigidBody::m_deltaLinearVelocity

Definition at line 103 of file btRigidBody.h.

int btRigidBody::m_frictionSolverType

Definition at line 491 of file btRigidBody.h.

btVector3 btRigidBody::m_gravity

Definition at line 71 of file btRigidBody.h.

btVector3 btRigidBody::m_gravity_acceleration

Definition at line 72 of file btRigidBody.h.

btScalar btRigidBody::m_inverseMass

Definition at line 68 of file btRigidBody.h.

btVector3 btRigidBody::m_invInertiaLocal

Definition at line 73 of file btRigidBody.h.

btMatrix3x3 btRigidBody::m_invInertiaTensorWorld

Definition at line 65 of file btRigidBody.h.

btVector3 btRigidBody::m_invMass

Definition at line 106 of file btRigidBody.h.

btScalar btRigidBody::m_linearDamping

Definition at line 77 of file btRigidBody.h.

btVector3 btRigidBody::m_linearFactor

Definition at line 69 of file btRigidBody.h.

btScalar btRigidBody::m_linearSleepingThreshold

Definition at line 87 of file btRigidBody.h.

btVector3 btRigidBody::m_linearVelocity

Definition at line 66 of file btRigidBody.h.

btMotionState* btRigidBody::m_optionalMotionState

Definition at line 91 of file btRigidBody.h.

btVector3 btRigidBody::m_pushVelocity

Definition at line 107 of file btRigidBody.h.

int btRigidBody::m_rigidbodyFlags

Definition at line 96 of file btRigidBody.h.

btVector3 btRigidBody::m_totalForce

Definition at line 74 of file btRigidBody.h.

btVector3 btRigidBody::m_totalTorque

Definition at line 75 of file btRigidBody.h.

btVector3 btRigidBody::m_turnVelocity

Definition at line 108 of file btRigidBody.h.

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