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btPairCachingGhostObject Class Reference

#include <btGhostObject.h>

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Public Member Functions

 btPairCachingGhostObject ()
virtual ~btPairCachingGhostObject ()
virtual void addOverlappingObjectInternal (btBroadphaseProxy *otherProxy, btBroadphaseProxy *thisProxy=0)
 this method is mainly for expert/internal use only. More...
virtual void removeOverlappingObjectInternal (btBroadphaseProxy *otherProxy, btDispatcher *dispatcher, btBroadphaseProxy *thisProxy=0)
 this method is mainly for expert/internal use only. More...
btHashedOverlappingPairCachegetOverlappingPairCache ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from btGhostObject
 btGhostObject ()
virtual ~btGhostObject ()
void convexSweepTest (const class btConvexShape *castShape, const btTransform &convexFromWorld, const btTransform &convexToWorld, btCollisionWorld::ConvexResultCallback &resultCallback, btScalar allowedCcdPenetration=0.f) const
void rayTest (const btVector3 &rayFromWorld, const btVector3 &rayToWorld, btCollisionWorld::RayResultCallback &resultCallback) const
int getNumOverlappingObjects () const
btCollisionObjectgetOverlappingObject (int index)
const btCollisionObjectgetOverlappingObject (int index) const
btAlignedObjectArray< btCollisionObject * > & getOverlappingPairs ()
const btAlignedObjectArray< btCollisionObject * > getOverlappingPairs () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from btCollisionObject
bool mergesSimulationIslands () const
const btVector3getAnisotropicFriction () const
void setAnisotropicFriction (const btVector3 &anisotropicFriction, int frictionMode=CF_ANISOTROPIC_FRICTION)
bool hasAnisotropicFriction (int frictionMode=CF_ANISOTROPIC_FRICTION) const
void setContactProcessingThreshold (btScalar contactProcessingThreshold)
 the constraint solver can discard solving contacts, if the distance is above this threshold. More...
btScalar getContactProcessingThreshold () const
bool isStaticObject () const
bool isKinematicObject () const
bool isStaticOrKinematicObject () const
bool hasContactResponse () const
 btCollisionObject ()
virtual ~btCollisionObject ()
virtual void setCollisionShape (btCollisionShape *collisionShape)
const btCollisionShapegetCollisionShape () const
btCollisionShapegetCollisionShape ()
void setIgnoreCollisionCheck (const btCollisionObject *co, bool ignoreCollisionCheck)
virtual bool checkCollideWithOverride (const btCollisionObject *co) const
void * internalGetExtensionPointer () const
 Avoid using this internal API call, the extension pointer is used by some Bullet extensions. More...
void internalSetExtensionPointer (void *pointer)
 Avoid using this internal API call, the extension pointer is used by some Bullet extensions If you need to store your own user pointer, use 'setUserPointer/getUserPointer' instead. More...
int getActivationState () const
void setActivationState (int newState) const
void setDeactivationTime (btScalar time)
btScalar getDeactivationTime () const
void forceActivationState (int newState) const
void activate (bool forceActivation=false) const
bool isActive () const
void setRestitution (btScalar rest)
btScalar getRestitution () const
void setFriction (btScalar frict)
btScalar getFriction () const
void setRollingFriction (btScalar frict)
btScalar getRollingFriction () const
void setSpinningFriction (btScalar frict)
btScalar getSpinningFriction () const
void setContactStiffnessAndDamping (btScalar stiffness, btScalar damping)
btScalar getContactStiffness () const
btScalar getContactDamping () const
int getInternalType () const
 reserved for Bullet internal usage More...
btTransformgetWorldTransform ()
const btTransformgetWorldTransform () const
void setWorldTransform (const btTransform &worldTrans)
btBroadphaseProxygetBroadphaseHandle ()
const btBroadphaseProxygetBroadphaseHandle () const
void setBroadphaseHandle (btBroadphaseProxy *handle)
const btTransformgetInterpolationWorldTransform () const
btTransformgetInterpolationWorldTransform ()
void setInterpolationWorldTransform (const btTransform &trans)
void setInterpolationLinearVelocity (const btVector3 &linvel)
void setInterpolationAngularVelocity (const btVector3 &angvel)
const btVector3getInterpolationLinearVelocity () const
const btVector3getInterpolationAngularVelocity () const
int getIslandTag () const
void setIslandTag (int tag)
int getCompanionId () const
void setCompanionId (int id)
int getWorldArrayIndex () const
void setWorldArrayIndex (int ix)
btScalar getHitFraction () const
void setHitFraction (btScalar hitFraction)
int getCollisionFlags () const
void setCollisionFlags (int flags)
btScalar getCcdSweptSphereRadius () const
 Swept sphere radius (0.0 by default), see btConvexConvexAlgorithm:: More...
void setCcdSweptSphereRadius (btScalar radius)
 Swept sphere radius (0.0 by default), see btConvexConvexAlgorithm:: More...
btScalar getCcdMotionThreshold () const
btScalar getCcdSquareMotionThreshold () const
void setCcdMotionThreshold (btScalar ccdMotionThreshold)
 Don't do continuous collision detection if the motion (in one step) is less then m_ccdMotionThreshold. More...
void * getUserPointer () const
 users can point to their objects, userPointer is not used by Bullet More...
int getUserIndex () const
int getUserIndex2 () const
void setUserPointer (void *userPointer)
 users can point to their objects, userPointer is not used by Bullet More...
void setUserIndex (int index)
 users can point to their objects, userPointer is not used by Bullet More...
void setUserIndex2 (int index)
int getUpdateRevisionInternal () const
void setCustomDebugColor (const btVector3 &colorRGB)
void removeCustomDebugColor ()
bool getCustomDebugColor (btVector3 &colorRGB) const
bool checkCollideWith (const btCollisionObject *co) const
virtual int calculateSerializeBufferSize () const
virtual const char * serialize (void *dataBuffer, class btSerializer *serializer) const
 fills the dataBuffer and returns the struct name (and 0 on failure) More...
virtual void serializeSingleObject (class btSerializer *serializer) const

Private Attributes


Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from btCollisionObject
enum  CollisionFlags {
enum  CollisionObjectTypes {
  CO_HF_FLUID =16,
enum  AnisotropicFrictionFlags {
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from btGhostObject
static const btGhostObjectupcast (const btCollisionObject *colObj)
static btGhostObjectupcast (btCollisionObject *colObj)
- Protected Attributes inherited from btGhostObject
btAlignedObjectArray< btCollisionObject * > m_overlappingObjects
- Protected Attributes inherited from btCollisionObject
btTransform m_worldTransform
btTransform m_interpolationWorldTransform
 m_interpolationWorldTransform is used for CCD and interpolation it can be either previous or future (predicted) transform More...
btVector3 m_interpolationLinearVelocity
btVector3 m_interpolationAngularVelocity
btVector3 m_anisotropicFriction
int m_hasAnisotropicFriction
btScalar m_contactProcessingThreshold
void * m_extensionPointer
 m_extensionPointer is used by some internal low-level Bullet extensions. More...
 m_rootCollisionShape is temporarily used to store the original collision shape The m_collisionShape might be temporarily replaced by a child collision shape during collision detection purposes If it is NULL, the m_collisionShape is not temporarily replaced. More...
int m_collisionFlags
int m_islandTag1
int m_companionId
int m_worldArrayIndex
int m_activationState1
btScalar m_deactivationTime
btScalar m_friction
btScalar m_restitution
btScalar m_rollingFriction
btScalar m_spinningFriction
btScalar m_contactDamping
btScalar m_contactStiffness
int m_internalType
 m_internalType is reserved to distinguish Bullet's btCollisionObject, btRigidBody, btSoftBody, btGhostObject etc. More...
void * m_userObjectPointer
 users can point to their objects, m_userPointer is not used by Bullet, see setUserPointer/getUserPointer More...
int m_userIndex2
int m_userIndex
btScalar m_hitFraction
 time of impact calculation More...
btScalar m_ccdSweptSphereRadius
 Swept sphere radius (0.0 by default), see btConvexConvexAlgorithm:: More...
btScalar m_ccdMotionThreshold
 Don't do continuous collision detection if the motion (in one step) is less then m_ccdMotionThreshold. More...
int m_checkCollideWith
 If some object should have elaborate collision filtering by sub-classes. More...
btAlignedObjectArray< const btCollisionObject * > m_objectsWithoutCollisionCheck
int m_updateRevision
 internal update revision number. It will be increased when the object changes. This allows some subsystems to perform lazy evaluation. More...
btVector3 m_customDebugColorRGB

Detailed Description

Definition at line 99 of file btGhostObject.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

btPairCachingGhostObject::btPairCachingGhostObject ( )

Definition at line 59 of file btGhostObject.cpp.

btPairCachingGhostObject::~btPairCachingGhostObject ( )

Definition at line 64 of file btGhostObject.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

void btPairCachingGhostObject::addOverlappingObjectInternal ( btBroadphaseProxy otherProxy,
btBroadphaseProxy thisProxy = 0 

this method is mainly for expert/internal use only.

Reimplemented from btGhostObject.

Definition at line 70 of file btGhostObject.cpp.

btHashedOverlappingPairCache* btPairCachingGhostObject::getOverlappingPairCache ( )

Definition at line 114 of file btGhostObject.h.

void btPairCachingGhostObject::removeOverlappingObjectInternal ( btBroadphaseProxy otherProxy,
btDispatcher dispatcher,
btBroadphaseProxy thisProxy = 0 

this method is mainly for expert/internal use only.

Reimplemented from btGhostObject.

Definition at line 85 of file btGhostObject.cpp.

Member Data Documentation

btHashedOverlappingPairCache* btPairCachingGhostObject::m_hashPairCache

Definition at line 101 of file btGhostObject.h.

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