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btSoftBodyFloatData Struct Reference

do not change those serialization structures, it requires an updated sBulletDNAstr/sBulletDNAstr64 More...

#include <btSoftBodyData.h>

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Public Attributes

btCollisionObjectFloatData m_collisionObjectData
SoftBodyMaterialData ** m_materials
int m_numMaterials
int m_numNodes
int m_numLinks
int m_numFaces
int m_numTetrahedra
int m_numAnchors
int m_numClusters
int m_numJoints
SoftBodyConfigData m_config

Detailed Description

do not change those serialization structures, it requires an updated sBulletDNAstr/sBulletDNAstr64

Definition at line 191 of file btSoftBodyData.h.

Member Data Documentation

SoftRigidAnchorData* btSoftBodyFloatData::m_anchors

Definition at line 201 of file btSoftBodyData.h.

SoftBodyClusterData* btSoftBodyFloatData::m_clusters

Definition at line 202 of file btSoftBodyData.h.

btCollisionObjectFloatData btSoftBodyFloatData::m_collisionObjectData

Definition at line 193 of file btSoftBodyData.h.

SoftBodyConfigData btSoftBodyFloatData::m_config

Definition at line 213 of file btSoftBodyData.h.

SoftBodyFaceData* btSoftBodyFloatData::m_faces

Definition at line 199 of file btSoftBodyData.h.

btSoftBodyJointData* btSoftBodyFloatData::m_joints

Definition at line 203 of file btSoftBodyData.h.

SoftBodyLinkData* btSoftBodyFloatData::m_links

Definition at line 198 of file btSoftBodyData.h.

SoftBodyMaterialData** btSoftBodyFloatData::m_materials

Definition at line 196 of file btSoftBodyData.h.

SoftBodyNodeData* btSoftBodyFloatData::m_nodes

Definition at line 197 of file btSoftBodyData.h.

int btSoftBodyFloatData::m_numAnchors

Definition at line 210 of file btSoftBodyData.h.

int btSoftBodyFloatData::m_numClusters

Definition at line 211 of file btSoftBodyData.h.

int btSoftBodyFloatData::m_numFaces

Definition at line 208 of file btSoftBodyData.h.

int btSoftBodyFloatData::m_numJoints

Definition at line 212 of file btSoftBodyData.h.

int btSoftBodyFloatData::m_numLinks

Definition at line 207 of file btSoftBodyData.h.

int btSoftBodyFloatData::m_numMaterials

Definition at line 205 of file btSoftBodyData.h.

int btSoftBodyFloatData::m_numNodes

Definition at line 206 of file btSoftBodyData.h.

int btSoftBodyFloatData::m_numTetrahedra

Definition at line 209 of file btSoftBodyData.h.

SoftBodyPoseData* btSoftBodyFloatData::m_pose

Definition at line 195 of file btSoftBodyData.h.

SoftBodyTetraData* btSoftBodyFloatData::m_tetrahedra

Definition at line 200 of file btSoftBodyData.h.

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