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btMultiBodyDoubleData Struct Reference

do not change those serialization structures, it requires an updated sBulletDNAstr/sBulletDNAstr64 More...

#include <btMultiBody.h>

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Public Attributes

btVector3DoubleData m_baseWorldPosition
btQuaternionDoubleData m_baseWorldOrientation
btVector3DoubleData m_baseLinearVelocity
btVector3DoubleData m_baseAngularVelocity
btVector3DoubleData m_baseInertia
double m_baseMass
int m_numLinks
char m_padding [4]
char * m_baseName

Detailed Description

do not change those serialization structures, it requires an updated sBulletDNAstr/sBulletDNAstr64

Definition at line 798 of file btMultiBody.h.

Member Data Documentation

btVector3DoubleData btMultiBodyDoubleData::m_baseAngularVelocity

Definition at line 803 of file btMultiBody.h.

btCollisionObjectDoubleData* btMultiBodyDoubleData::m_baseCollider

Definition at line 811 of file btMultiBody.h.

btVector3DoubleData btMultiBodyDoubleData::m_baseInertia

Definition at line 804 of file btMultiBody.h.

btVector3DoubleData btMultiBodyDoubleData::m_baseLinearVelocity

Definition at line 802 of file btMultiBody.h.

double btMultiBodyDoubleData::m_baseMass

Definition at line 805 of file btMultiBody.h.

char* btMultiBodyDoubleData::m_baseName

Definition at line 809 of file btMultiBody.h.

btQuaternionDoubleData btMultiBodyDoubleData::m_baseWorldOrientation

Definition at line 801 of file btMultiBody.h.

btVector3DoubleData btMultiBodyDoubleData::m_baseWorldPosition

Definition at line 800 of file btMultiBody.h.

btMultiBodyLinkDoubleData* btMultiBodyDoubleData::m_links

Definition at line 810 of file btMultiBody.h.

int btMultiBodyDoubleData::m_numLinks

Definition at line 806 of file btMultiBody.h.

char btMultiBodyDoubleData::m_padding[4]

Definition at line 807 of file btMultiBody.h.

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