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btDispatcherInfo Struct Reference

#include <btDispatcher.h>

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Public Types

enum  DispatchFunc {

Public Member Functions

 btDispatcherInfo ()

Public Attributes

btScalar m_timeStep
int m_stepCount
int m_dispatchFunc
btScalar m_timeOfImpact
bool m_useContinuous
class btIDebugDrawm_debugDraw
bool m_enableSatConvex
bool m_enableSPU
bool m_useEpa
btScalar m_allowedCcdPenetration
bool m_useConvexConservativeDistanceUtil
btScalar m_convexConservativeDistanceThreshold
bool m_deterministicOverlappingPairs

Detailed Description

Definition at line 30 of file btDispatcher.h.

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Definition at line 32 of file btDispatcher.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

btDispatcherInfo::btDispatcherInfo ( )

Definition at line 37 of file btDispatcher.h.

Member Data Documentation

btScalar btDispatcherInfo::m_allowedCcdPenetration

Definition at line 63 of file btDispatcher.h.

btScalar btDispatcherInfo::m_convexConservativeDistanceThreshold

Definition at line 65 of file btDispatcher.h.

class btIDebugDraw* btDispatcherInfo::m_debugDraw

Definition at line 59 of file btDispatcher.h.

bool btDispatcherInfo::m_deterministicOverlappingPairs

Definition at line 66 of file btDispatcher.h.

int btDispatcherInfo::m_dispatchFunc

Definition at line 56 of file btDispatcher.h.

bool btDispatcherInfo::m_enableSatConvex

Definition at line 60 of file btDispatcher.h.

bool btDispatcherInfo::m_enableSPU

Definition at line 61 of file btDispatcher.h.

int btDispatcherInfo::m_stepCount

Definition at line 55 of file btDispatcher.h.

btScalar btDispatcherInfo::m_timeOfImpact

Definition at line 57 of file btDispatcher.h.

btScalar btDispatcherInfo::m_timeStep

Definition at line 54 of file btDispatcher.h.

bool btDispatcherInfo::m_useContinuous

Definition at line 58 of file btDispatcher.h.

bool btDispatcherInfo::m_useConvexConservativeDistanceUtil

Definition at line 64 of file btDispatcher.h.

bool btDispatcherInfo::m_useEpa

Definition at line 62 of file btDispatcher.h.

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