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btGImpactMeshShapePart::TrimeshPrimitiveManager Class Reference

Trimesh primitive manager. More...

#include <btGImpactShape.h>

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Public Member Functions

 TrimeshPrimitiveManager ()
 TrimeshPrimitiveManager (const TrimeshPrimitiveManager &manager)
 TrimeshPrimitiveManager (btStridingMeshInterface *meshInterface, int part)
virtual ~TrimeshPrimitiveManager ()
void lock ()
void unlock ()
virtual bool is_trimesh () const
 determines if this manager consist on only triangles, which special case will be optimized More...
virtual int get_primitive_count () const
int get_vertex_count () const
void get_indices (int face_index, unsigned int &i0, unsigned int &i1, unsigned int &i2) const
void get_vertex (unsigned int vertex_index, btVector3 &vertex) const
virtual void get_primitive_box (int prim_index, btAABB &primbox) const
virtual void get_primitive_triangle (int prim_index, btPrimitiveTriangle &triangle) const
 retrieves only the points of the triangle, and the collision margin More...
void get_bullet_triangle (int prim_index, btTriangleShapeEx &triangle) const
- Public Member Functions inherited from btPrimitiveManagerBase
virtual ~btPrimitiveManagerBase ()

Public Attributes

btScalar m_margin
btVector3 m_scale
int m_part
int m_lock_count
const unsigned char * vertexbase
int numverts
PHY_ScalarType type
int stride
const unsigned char * indexbase
int indexstride
int numfaces
PHY_ScalarType indicestype

Detailed Description

Trimesh primitive manager.

Manages the info from btStridingMeshInterface object and controls the Lock/Unlock mechanism

Definition at line 538 of file btGImpactShape.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

btGImpactMeshShapePart::TrimeshPrimitiveManager::TrimeshPrimitiveManager ( )

Definition at line 555 of file btGImpactShape.h.

btGImpactMeshShapePart::TrimeshPrimitiveManager::TrimeshPrimitiveManager ( const TrimeshPrimitiveManager manager)

Definition at line 570 of file btGImpactShape.h.

btGImpactMeshShapePart::TrimeshPrimitiveManager::TrimeshPrimitiveManager ( btStridingMeshInterface meshInterface,
int  part 

Definition at line 587 of file btGImpactShape.h.

virtual btGImpactMeshShapePart::TrimeshPrimitiveManager::~TrimeshPrimitiveManager ( )

Definition at line 604 of file btGImpactShape.h.

Member Function Documentation

void btGImpactMeshShapePart::TrimeshPrimitiveManager::get_bullet_triangle ( int  prim_index,
btTriangleShapeEx triangle 
) const

Definition at line 703 of file btGImpactShape.h.

void btGImpactMeshShapePart::TrimeshPrimitiveManager::get_indices ( int  face_index,
unsigned int &  i0,
unsigned int &  i1,
unsigned int &  i2 
) const

Definition at line 648 of file btGImpactShape.h.

virtual void btGImpactMeshShapePart::TrimeshPrimitiveManager::get_primitive_box ( int  prim_index,
btAABB primbox 
) const

Implements btPrimitiveManagerBase.

Definition at line 684 of file btGImpactShape.h.

virtual int btGImpactMeshShapePart::TrimeshPrimitiveManager::get_primitive_count ( ) const

Implements btPrimitiveManagerBase.

Definition at line 638 of file btGImpactShape.h.

virtual void btGImpactMeshShapePart::TrimeshPrimitiveManager::get_primitive_triangle ( int  prim_index,
btPrimitiveTriangle triangle 
) const

retrieves only the points of the triangle, and the collision margin

Implements btPrimitiveManagerBase.

Definition at line 693 of file btGImpactShape.h.

void btGImpactMeshShapePart::TrimeshPrimitiveManager::get_vertex ( unsigned int  vertex_index,
btVector3 vertex 
) const

Definition at line 666 of file btGImpactShape.h.

int btGImpactMeshShapePart::TrimeshPrimitiveManager::get_vertex_count ( ) const

Definition at line 643 of file btGImpactShape.h.

virtual bool btGImpactMeshShapePart::TrimeshPrimitiveManager::is_trimesh ( ) const

determines if this manager consist on only triangles, which special case will be optimized

Implements btPrimitiveManagerBase.

Definition at line 633 of file btGImpactShape.h.

void btGImpactMeshShapePart::TrimeshPrimitiveManager::lock ( )

Definition at line 606 of file btGImpactShape.h.

void btGImpactMeshShapePart::TrimeshPrimitiveManager::unlock ( )

Definition at line 620 of file btGImpactShape.h.

Member Data Documentation

const unsigned char* btGImpactMeshShapePart::TrimeshPrimitiveManager::indexbase

Definition at line 550 of file btGImpactShape.h.

int btGImpactMeshShapePart::TrimeshPrimitiveManager::indexstride

Definition at line 551 of file btGImpactShape.h.

PHY_ScalarType btGImpactMeshShapePart::TrimeshPrimitiveManager::indicestype

Definition at line 553 of file btGImpactShape.h.

int btGImpactMeshShapePart::TrimeshPrimitiveManager::m_lock_count

Definition at line 545 of file btGImpactShape.h.

btScalar btGImpactMeshShapePart::TrimeshPrimitiveManager::m_margin

Definition at line 541 of file btGImpactShape.h.

btStridingMeshInterface* btGImpactMeshShapePart::TrimeshPrimitiveManager::m_meshInterface

Definition at line 542 of file btGImpactShape.h.

int btGImpactMeshShapePart::TrimeshPrimitiveManager::m_part

Definition at line 544 of file btGImpactShape.h.

btVector3 btGImpactMeshShapePart::TrimeshPrimitiveManager::m_scale

Definition at line 543 of file btGImpactShape.h.

int btGImpactMeshShapePart::TrimeshPrimitiveManager::numfaces

Definition at line 552 of file btGImpactShape.h.

int btGImpactMeshShapePart::TrimeshPrimitiveManager::numverts

Definition at line 547 of file btGImpactShape.h.

int btGImpactMeshShapePart::TrimeshPrimitiveManager::stride

Definition at line 549 of file btGImpactShape.h.

PHY_ScalarType btGImpactMeshShapePart::TrimeshPrimitiveManager::type

Definition at line 548 of file btGImpactShape.h.

const unsigned char* btGImpactMeshShapePart::TrimeshPrimitiveManager::vertexbase

Definition at line 546 of file btGImpactShape.h.

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