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btConcaveShape Class Referenceabstract

The btConcaveShape class provides an interface for non-moving (static) concave shapes. More...

#include <btConcaveShape.h>

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Public Member Functions

 btConcaveShape ()
virtual ~btConcaveShape ()
virtual void processAllTriangles (btTriangleCallback *callback, const btVector3 &aabbMin, const btVector3 &aabbMax) const =0
virtual btScalar getMargin () const
virtual void setMargin (btScalar collisionMargin)
- Public Member Functions inherited from btCollisionShape
 btCollisionShape ()
virtual ~btCollisionShape ()
virtual void getAabb (const btTransform &t, btVector3 &aabbMin, btVector3 &aabbMax) const =0
 getAabb returns the axis aligned bounding box in the coordinate frame of the given transform t. More...
virtual void getBoundingSphere (btVector3 &center, btScalar &radius) const
virtual btScalar getAngularMotionDisc () const
 getAngularMotionDisc returns the maximum radius needed for Conservative Advancement to handle time-of-impact with rotations. More...
virtual btScalar getContactBreakingThreshold (btScalar defaultContactThresholdFactor) const
void calculateTemporalAabb (const btTransform &curTrans, const btVector3 &linvel, const btVector3 &angvel, btScalar timeStep, btVector3 &temporalAabbMin, btVector3 &temporalAabbMax) const
 calculateTemporalAabb calculates the enclosing aabb for the moving object over interval [0..timeStep) result is conservative More...
bool isPolyhedral () const
bool isConvex2d () const
bool isConvex () const
bool isNonMoving () const
bool isConcave () const
bool isCompound () const
bool isSoftBody () const
bool isInfinite () const
 isInfinite is used to catch simulation error (aabb check) More...
virtual void setLocalScaling (const btVector3 &scaling)=0
virtual const btVector3getLocalScaling () const =0
virtual void calculateLocalInertia (btScalar mass, btVector3 &inertia) const =0
virtual const char * getName () const =0
int getShapeType () const
virtual btVector3 getAnisotropicRollingFrictionDirection () const
 the getAnisotropicRollingFrictionDirection can be used in combination with setAnisotropicFriction See Bullet/Demos/RollingFrictionDemo for an example More...
void setUserPointer (void *userPtr)
 optional user data pointer More...
void * getUserPointer () const
void setUserIndex (int index)
int getUserIndex () const
virtual int calculateSerializeBufferSize () const
virtual const char * serialize (void *dataBuffer, btSerializer *serializer) const
 fills the dataBuffer and returns the struct name (and 0 on failure) More...
virtual void serializeSingleShape (btSerializer *serializer) const

Protected Attributes

btScalar m_collisionMargin
- Protected Attributes inherited from btCollisionShape
int m_shapeType
void * m_userPointer
int m_userIndex

Detailed Description

The btConcaveShape class provides an interface for non-moving (static) concave shapes.

It has been implemented by the btStaticPlaneShape, btBvhTriangleMeshShape and btHeightfieldTerrainShape.

Definition at line 36 of file btConcaveShape.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

btConcaveShape::btConcaveShape ( )

Definition at line 19 of file btConcaveShape.cpp.

btConcaveShape::~btConcaveShape ( )

Definition at line 24 of file btConcaveShape.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

virtual btScalar btConcaveShape::getMargin ( ) const

Implements btCollisionShape.

Reimplemented in btGImpactMeshShapePart, and btSdfCollisionShape.

Definition at line 50 of file btConcaveShape.h.

virtual void btConcaveShape::processAllTriangles ( btTriangleCallback callback,
const btVector3 aabbMin,
const btVector3 aabbMax 
) const
pure virtual
virtual void btConcaveShape::setMargin ( btScalar  collisionMargin)

Member Data Documentation

btScalar btConcaveShape::m_collisionMargin

Definition at line 39 of file btConcaveShape.h.

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