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btOverlappingPairCache.h File Reference
#include "btBroadphaseInterface.h"
#include "btBroadphaseProxy.h"
#include "btOverlappingPairCallback.h"
#include "LinearMath/btAlignedObjectArray.h"
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struct  btOverlapCallback
struct  btOverlapFilterCallback
class  btOverlappingPairCache
 The btOverlappingPairCache provides an interface for overlapping pair management (add, remove, storage), used by the btBroadphaseInterface broadphases. More...
class  btHashedOverlappingPairCache
 Hash-space based Pair Cache, thanks to Erin Catto, Box2D, http://www.box2d.org, and Pierre Terdiman, Codercorner, http://codercorner.com. More...
class  btSortedOverlappingPairCache
 btSortedOverlappingPairCache maintains the objects with overlapping AABB Typically managed by the Broadphase, Axis3Sweep or btSimpleBroadphase More...
class  btNullPairCache
 btNullPairCache skips add/removal of overlapping pairs. Userful for benchmarking and unit testing. More...


typedef btAlignedObjectArray< btBroadphasePairbtBroadphasePairArray


const int BT_NULL_PAIR =0xffffffff

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Definition at line 25 of file btOverlappingPairCache.h.

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const int BT_NULL_PAIR =0xffffffff

Definition at line 52 of file btOverlappingPairCache.h.