Simulation Software Engineers, Self-Driving Cars |

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Simulation Software Engineers, Self-Driving Cars |

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Simulation Software Engineers, Self-Driving Cars |, Mountain View, CA is using cutting edge Deep-Learning technology stack to power the next gen of self-driving cars by creating Artificial Intelligence (AI) software throughout the stack for autonomous vehicles. Founders out of Stanford University's AI Lab with Andrew Ng (former Chief Scientist at Baidu and founder of Google Brain’s AI project) on the Board.

We are seeking Simulation Engineers to simulate and model scenario/environments for our autonomous vehicles. Develop simulation tools and framework related to 3D graphics rendering, physical simulations, vehicle dynamics modeling, and multi-agent systems. Build assets and models in these game engines. Robotics experience is ideal.

Key skills/environment: C++ or Python, Linux, Robotics/ROS, AI, autonomous systems, 3D simulation framework. Using software such as: Gazebo, OGRE, Unity, three.js, OpenRave, Drake, CGAL, Unreal, Bullet, etc.

Simulation Software Engineer
(Currently USA and Canada-based candidates) and Lyft Announce Partnership for Autonomous Ridesharing ... 232871.htm

Robocar Startup Gets Backing From Uber Rival Grab, Plans Singapore Move ... 08bec9494b
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Re: Simulation Software Engineers, Self-Driving Cars | Drive

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I think this is really the best time to learn AI. Aside from being a lucrative career, you'll have a chance to pioneer a revolutionary product, which is best seen, for example, in these self-driving cars (like drive.AI's flagship product).

With growing competition, I wonder how fast it will spur the prevalence of these cars — hoping it would realize sooner the topic (Self-Driving Vehicles Are Poised to Dominate the Delivery Industry) I've read on this blog. :D
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Re: Simulation Software Engineers, Self-Driving Cars |

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