btGImpactMeshShape Not Reacting to Gravity

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btGImpactMeshShape Not Reacting to Gravity

Post by Geometrian » Fri Jun 08, 2012 1:12 am


First off, I'm trying to get concave dynamic rigid triangle meshes to collide and react properly. From scattered sources, I surmised that this can be done through ConvexDecomposition or btGImpactMeshShape. Because the ConvexDecomposition demo is, quite frankly, illegible, I'm trying btGImpactMeshShape, which would seem to better suit the application anyway. btBvhTriangleMeshShape is unsuitable because it is only for static geometry. I hope all these assumptions are correct.

I have an application that successfully runs tests with btBoxShape and btSphereShape. However, when replacing with a btGImpactMeshShape, the shape does not react to gravity--the ONLY change is which shape is used. Anyone have a guess as to what's going on? For what it's worth, for testing, I copied the tetrahedron setup here: ... php?t=8176.


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