PD Controller

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PD Controller

Post by LarriPapi » Mon Apr 12, 2010 6:47 am

I'm begin to use Bullet, I like very useful and wonderful. I'm making a thesis about Dynamic Character Controller using keyframming and PD Controller. For this, I would need apply torques to different joints, but in Bullet (sorry for my ignorance) only I see applying torque to rigid bodies. I appreciate very much if somebody would help me with it, i.e., how to apply torque a type constraint between rigid bodies. Thanks.

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Re: PD Controller

Post by ola » Mon Apr 12, 2010 9:22 am

Some of the constraints in Bullets have something called "motors", that can be used for this. Take a look at the DynamicControlDemo, it uses this to animate a spider-like contraption.


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