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Bullet3MT crash

Posted: Wed Jul 22, 2020 6:05 am
by asif_bahrainwala
I am running a simulation with about 40K objects, Bullet3 is compiled to use MT. I am also using about 150K springs to connect these objects via btGeneric6DofSpringConstraint

My application crashes:
tSimulationIslandManagerMt::Island* btSimulationIslandManagerMt::getIsland(int): Assertion `id >= 0' failed.

Any idea why this is happening

__GI_raise raise.c 51 0x7f1509e8de97
__GI_abort abort.c 79 0x7f1509e8f801
__assert_fail_base assert.c 92 0x7f1509e7f39a
__GI___assert_fail assert.c 101 0x7f1509e7f412
btSimulationIslandManagerMt::getIsland btSimulationIslandManagerMt.cpp 174 0x7f150c9c389c
btSimulationIslandManagerMt::addConstraintsToIslands btSimulationIslandManagerMt.cpp 459 0x7f150c9c4540
btSimulationIslandManagerMt::buildAndProcessIslands btSimulationIslandManagerMt.cpp 683 0x7f150c9c4f3c
btDiscreteDynamicsWorldMt::solveConstraints btDiscreteDynamicsWorldMt.cpp 187 0x7f150c9c2054
btDiscreteDynamicsWorld::internalSingleStepSimulation btDiscreteDynamicsWorld.cpp 480 0x7f150c9b8f94
btDiscreteDynamicsWorld::stepSimulation btDiscreteDynamicsWorld.cpp 434 0x7f150c9b8dd2
btDiscreteDynamicsWorldMt::stepSimulation btDiscreteDynamicsWorldMt.cpp 256 0x7f150c9c245a
renderer main.cpp 299 0x55be78292dc7

Though when I run Bullet3 using the default solver, everything seems to be working fine.

Re: Bullet3MT crash

Posted: Wed Jul 22, 2020 8:14 am
by asif_bahrainwala
After some debugging, it seems that the MT solver does not like connecting 2 springs with objects of infinite mass (though this is a redundant case).
I am still verifying at my end as to how this happened.

Re: Bullet3MT crash

Posted: Mon Mar 29, 2021 3:49 pm
by teolazza

have you find something?