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How to install for someone who is completely new to this

Posted: Mon Mar 23, 2020 2:40 pm
by Astridnomical
So i downloaded bullet master 3 and read the installation is easy section on the GitHub, didn't understand it, and in the quick-start guide found nothing about installation (page 75 didn't have much about it from as far as i could tell)
I ran in the extracted folder and it runs, closes once it finishes and nothing changes. I then ran build_visual_studio_without_pybullet_vr.bat and it says "Windows cannot find 'vs2010'. Make sure you've typed the name correctly,then try again."

What im looking for is the easy guide to installing then running Bullet Physics

Re: How to install for someone who is completely new to this

Posted: Mon Mar 23, 2020 3:19 pm
by drleviathan
If you examine build_visual_studio_without_pybullet_vr.bat you'll see this:

Code: Select all

cd build3
premake5     --targetdir="../bin" vs2010
start vs2010
Maybe try editing that script to use your installed version of Visual Studio to see what happens.

Note: that script uses premake5. There is also a CMakeLists.txt file which works on linux. When properly configured cmake can produce Visual Studio solution files. A cursory examination of that file suggests it has some WIN32 config logic. This means: you might be able to successfully build Bullet libs using cmake on Windows. While the Windows version of the recipe is not explicitly spelled out in the file, the script provides a helpful starting point.

You could:

(1) install a proper bash terminal on your Windows machine if you don't yet have one,
(2) copy that file to a new one called, and
(3) modify it to do what you want.