Mass of Softbody vs Rigidbody

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Mass of Softbody vs Rigidbody

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When I use Softbody with cluster and Convex Rigidbody, the mass behavor looks strange.
Softbody mass set by "->setTotalMass(1.0);" and Rigidbody mass also set 1.0. But rigid body bounds too much when collide with softbody(softbody object is nothing react).
If I set rigid body mass to 1000 or higher, result looks good. But If I set Softbody mass to 0.001 or something, it almost nothing change.
If I stopped use cluster of Softbody, sim result looks good even if I use rigid mass = 1.0.
And If I use small count of cluster such as 1 or 3, it looks OK, but softbody behavior looks poor.

So, I don't know why cluster makes strange mass behavior with Rigidbody?
Or must I set something special for it? How do I get correct number of mass behavior?

I set collision cfg with "btSoftBody::fCollision::CL_SS + btSoftBody::fCollision::CL_RS".
And I set cluseter with "body->generateClusters(0)"

Any help would be appreciated.
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