PS4 problems

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Andrzej Wilewski
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PS4 problems

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Hi All

I have problems running my code on Playstation 4. In short it runs fine without applying stepSimulation, but generates various memory problems (leading to crashes) if I do call stepSimulation per frame.

I am using my custom game engine and the game code is well tested on PC (already released) and runs fine on X1 as well.

Currently all the data passed to the bullet is just the terrain (btHeightfieldTerrainShape) and standard player capsule, no other rigid bodies or anything else.

I am struggling for 3 days now. It sometimes crashes in physics code, but many times outside - but still it crashes only if I call stepSimulation. But crashes randomly, making it extremely hard to track.

I know it is a broad question, and big chances are it is related to memory leaks in my code after PS4 conversion, but perhaps I am making a rookie mistake here and this behaviour is familiar to anyone? Should I define something in preprocessor, or perhaps set something in compiler options, or should bullet just work on PS4 when compiled properly to Orbis/Clang?


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