Question regarding computeGyroscopicImpulseImplicit_World

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Question regarding computeGyroscopicImpulseImplicit_World

Post by eastsky.kang » Thu Dec 14, 2017 12:39 am


I am using bullet physics for my robotics simulator. Since I want to dynamically realistic simulation, I am applying gyroscopic impulse to objects.

I realized explicit gyroscopic impulse (forward euler apprx) is not stable and found great article from Mr. Erin Catto about implicit gyroscopic impulse equation. ... ethods.pdf

But my question is, how "computeGyroscopicImpulseImplicit_World" is different with "computeGyroscopicImpulseImplicit_Body"

As I read the code, I guess computeGyroscopicImpulseImplicit_Body is implementation of Mr. Catto's approach,

Besides, computeGyroscopicImpulseImplicit_World seems like uses inertia tensor w.r.t world frame, which can lead to incorrect solution as Mr. Catto mentioned in his slides.

Can someone explain the differences between those two?

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