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Get better answers on Bullet Physics Forum & FAQ

Post by benelot » Sun Oct 30, 2016 9:24 am

Several people face the problem that they post a problem on Bullet Physics Forum and get none or reduced attention or only get limited help to their problem. Let me explain how to get answers very quickly and how to make a post that that gets better answers:
  • Try to search the forum for previous answers to your question. The forum has a long history, and usually there are questions that get asked many times. So maybe your solution is already there. Try to switch your keywords with others to get other search results. If you could not find the answer to your question, proceed with a post:
  • Give the post a short, descriptive title. Titles like "help needed", " problem with collisions" etc. will NOT attract more helpers because it is more general. Usually helpers hit on posts they already think that they know the perfect answer BEFORE they read the post. So the title is very important and should take some thought because it should explain your problem in a second.
  • The first part of the post should deal with the what you are working on (context) and what problem you are facing. Be exact on what your problem exactly is, give code examples of the most important parts of the code. Then continue with the tried solutions and why you think they did not work (if you know, otherwise skip).
  • Try to reduce your problem to a minimal example. This should be done within the Bullet Example Browser which is distributed with the Bullet Physics code: ... r/examples. Choose the most appropriate example, modify it and clean it up from unused stuff to give a quick insight into your problem (usually, the best example is the BasicExample. The browser example gives us all the possibility to quickly plug your problem into the browser and try to fix the problem. Believe me, that is the speedway to your solution.
If there is anything to add to this post, please post below and I will add it.

In the future, I will collect some forum questions below that occur very frequently. Like an FAQ from the posts themselves.

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