btBoxShape and mesh pivot point question

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btBoxShape and mesh pivot point question

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// pivot point on ground, so wrong
// it is right if pivot point is at center
btBoxShape *shape = new btBoxShape(btVector3(width / 2.0f, height / 2.0f, length / 2.0f));          
How can I make the mesh not falling off when the pivot point of the mesh is on the ground
rather than in the center of the mesh?
If I offset the world transform, the mesh will be raised at the same time.

I've changed to btGImpactMeshShape, and the mesh doesn't fall off anymore.
But there is transformation fighting, when the "worker" is trying to grab the trolley's handle
the collision of these 2 objects constantly resolving, and making the worker shake in some random manner.
Any quick fix for me?
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