My 2015 links

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My 2015 links

Post by Pierre »


So I released a few things in 2015 that people here might find interesting:

Zero-Byte BVH:

Contact generation for meshes:

PEEL public release 1.0:

This should continue later during the year with Opcode 2.0.

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Erwin Coumans
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Re: My 2015 links

Post by Erwin Coumans »

Thanks for sharing Pierre!

It would be useful to have an 'official' PEEL github repository, so people can raise issues and share improvements. Do you plan on creating one?

(Otherwise several developers likely will start their own public PEEL repository, and sharing various improvements in different repositories becomes a syncing issue.)
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Re: My 2015 links

Post by bone »

Interesting papers, thanks for the ideas!
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Re: My 2015 links

Post by Dani3L »

Thanks a lot Pierre for releasing the code of PEEL.
I also think that an official repository would be a good idea.

Daniel Chappuis
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