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Keyboard shortcuts documentation

Posted: Fri Mar 19, 2021 9:59 am
by mcres
While reading the PyBullet guide, I found the following sentence in the `setDebugObjectColor` section:
The built-in OpenGL visualizers have a wireframe debug rendering feature: press 'w' to toggle.
I tried to search for a complete list of keyboard shortcuts in the forums, PyBullet guide and GitHub issues, but couldn't find any. Is this documented somewhere?

For instance, I randomly tried to press some keys while running a simulation and found the following:
  • 'g' to open/close the search, test and params tabs
  • 'j' (with wireframe rendering activated) to show links and joints frames as RGB lines
  • 'k' (with wireframe rendering activated) to show joint axes as a black line
  • 'l' (with wireframe rendering activated) seems to have the same functionality as 'k'
  • 'a' (with wireframe rendering activated) to show collision boxes