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Incorrect motor torques from getJointStates(MultiDof)

Posted: Mon Feb 15, 2021 6:29 pm
by jaduol
The applied torques returned by getJointStates and getJointStatesMultiDof don't seem to be the actual applied torques for both p.POSITION_CONTROL and p.TORQUE_CONTROL. Firstly, getJointStates and getJointStatesMultiDof return different torques for the same joint IDs. Also, in p.TORQUE_CONTROL, the torques I give to p.setJointMotorControlArray don't match those returned by getJointStates(MultiDof). For p.POSITION_CONTROL, when I take the sequence of torques from getJointStates(MultiDof) and apply them using p.TORQUE_CONTROL I get completely different trajectories.

My URDF model is not an open-loop chain as I have applied two constraints to make it closed-loop.

Does anyone have any ideas on why this could be the case?