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Change connection mode from DIRECT to GUI (launch GUI after connecting via DIRECT)

Posted: Mon Feb 01, 2021 7:04 pm
by imperialn00b

I run my PyBullet client in DIRECT mode for faster simulations, but I want to launch the existing physics client in a GUI when a particular event is triggered. Is there a way to do this? I have tried using the SHARED_MEMORY connection mode after having launched a client in DIRECT mode but I get a "Not connected to physics server" error.

To make things concrete, I want to do something like this:

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import pybullet as p
from pybullet_utils import bullet_client as bc
import random

sim = bc.BulletClient(connection_mode=p.DIRECT)
if (random.random() > 0.5):
	# launch the `sim' client in a GUI here