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Intertial frame rotation in urdf

Posted: Wed Jan 27, 2021 4:12 pm
by tewbank

I was wondering how I should specify the inertial tags in my urdfs. According to some sources, I should specify the inertia tensor along the principal axes, but the inertial reference frame would not need to be aligned with these axes. So I just wanted to make sure that it is indeed the case, and also ask why the rotation of the inertial frame does not matter please. To me, if the inertia tensor is expressed relatively to the principal axes, the inertial reference frame should correspond to these axes, but I don’t have much experience in physics so I’m certainly missing something.

Moreover, if there is no need to specify a rotation different than rpy=“0 0 0” for the inertial frame, I was wondering if there could be any benefits of doing so, or if these parameters could just be ignored.