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After import pybullet,the vscode can't jump code by the "ctrl" and mouse.

Posted: Wed Nov 25, 2020 10:48 am
by zkjoker
Rencently,our team decide to replaceGazebo with pybullet.

However,when we use VScode(Ubuntu18.04):before "import pybullet as p", if we press the "Ctrl",and use the mouse to click the code,it will jump to other position(maybe jump to some variables' definition)

but when we input "import pybullet as p", we can't jump code by "ctrl" and mouse any more.

There is a blue line scrolls over it which means waiting.It takes a long time and in the end, we can't jump.

In other words, if our python code has "import pybullet ",then we can't debug by the "ctrl"and "mouse". Then if we want jump to a position,we have
to use "ctrl+F" to find it. Restart the Vscode or computer don't work.

You know,it's very inconvenient for a programmer.

Every computer of ours has this problem.
Pycharm is ok,but Vscode has the problem.
However,when we import others like "numpy","pandas","matplotlib","tensorflow" in Vscode, these libraries don't influence the jump function.
So I don't know the problem is due to the Vscode or pybullet.
Do you have the same problem??

before that,we can jump:
lADPD4PvLRqZ3FrNDkDNCrA_2736_3648.jpg_620x10000q90g.jpg (67.32 KiB) Viewed 2837 times
lADPD3lGsSxGXK3NDkDNCrA_2736_3648.jpg_620x10000q90g.jpg (104.76 KiB) Viewed 2837 times
after import pybullet,there is a bule line (takes a long time),and the IDE can't jump code any more unless we delete the pybullet's import and restart Vscode.
lADPD4d8q79lMFnNDkDNCrA_2736_3648.jpg_620x10000q90g.jpg (34.45 KiB) Viewed 2837 times