Stiff softbody

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Stiff softbody

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In one of my engineering simulations I need to model a very stiff soft body, However, the limit for the linear stiffness of soft body is limited to 1.
What do you suggest?
two possible options crossed my mind:
1) Scale the forces applied to the soft body down, so, such scaling needs to be applied to all forces existing in the scene, even the rigid bodies which are in contact with softbody. (is that true?)
2) I understood that when I increase Mass, I can get a stiffer behaviour, however the dynamic behaviour of the softbody is affected. i.e. it behaves in a way that it has a high inertia. (may be this is a not a solution, but do you see any workarounds here to avoid such hearvy like behaviour?)
3) Usage of Finite element in Bullet. Previously, in remember such a finite element solver was implemented in bullet demos, however, I cannot find it now. Can that be a solution?

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