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Bullet 2.72 release: automake, Blender soft body integration

Posted: Sat Oct 04, 2008 2:11 am
by Erwin Coumans
Bullet 2.72 has been released (SVN revision r1364)
  • Blender 3D has Bullet real-time soft body integrated in the built-in game engine. See Youtube Video or check out the soft body user guide. Dynamica Maya plugin next?
  • Autotools/automake Makefile support, next to cmake, jam and visual studio projectfiles
  • Add Debug DLL and Release DLL configurations for MSVC project files, and use it for Dynamica plugin
  • btScaledBvhTriangleMeshShape allows to share BVH & btBvhTriangleMeshShape of different scales
  • btConvexPointCloudShape allows to collide with the convex hull of vertices, without duplicating the vertices.
  • btBvhTriangleMeshShape improved serialization support, thanks to reltham
  • Improved ColladaConverter: plane shape and custum shape management support
  • Improved Dynamica Maya plugin, fixes in rotation, thanks to Nicola, and COLLADA physics export
  • CCD motion clamping. Avoid tunneling by enabled clamping of motion based on continuous collision detection, for fast moving objects. See Wiki documentation on Motion Clamping using setCcdMotionThreshold, setCcdSweptSphereRadius.
  • NSIS installer for Dynamica Maya plugin, thanks to bazuka
  • Improved Soft Body - Concave collision detection support
  • Sharing of GJK and EPA implementation between PPU and SPU/BulletMultiThreaded version
  • Improved quanitation/clamping in sweep and prune broadphase, thanks to O. Kniemeyer.
  • Improved rigid body damping formula, thanks to sparkprime
  • Several bugfixes, see
Thanks to everyone for contributions and feedback,