physics programming internship at Mercedes-Benz Cars

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physics programming internship at Mercedes-Benz Cars

Post by mrossde » Tue Dec 15, 2009 10:33 am

physics programming internship at Mercedes-Benz Cars - Daimler AG / Stuttgart, Germany

We are actually searching for skilled students, who are interested to do their internship (duration of 4 -6 months) in the topic of physics programming.
We are developing C++ Project for a physics-based (rigid body) approach for simulating production technologies / robotics.
We especially need support in the topics of collision detection and contact simulation of rigid bodies. We are looking for someone who is versed in related topics such as computer graphics, physics engines, collision detection, GPU Programming, etc.. Knowledge in Scene Graph APIs such as Openscenegraph, QT or KDE is beneficial. The student should be able to work independently as well as communicate with the other team members.

Internship is possible from 01.02.2010
Contact data
Mario Rossdeutscher
70327 Stuttgart
If interested or further questions, please contact

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