Available for Freelance to Implement Bullet in your Project.

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Available for Freelance to Implement Bullet in your Project.

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I am available to implement Bullet physics in your game engine.
I have recently implemented Bullet physics in 3 projects.

The most recent was implementing Bullet in a cross platform programming language
called App Game Kit which uses OpenGL.

Previously I implemented Bullet in the Dark Basic Professional programming language which uses DirectX.

I also implemented ragdoll physics in the Game Guru software.

I have also developed some features to complement Bullet physics.

I have implemented the V-HACD algorithm for the fast automatic creation of
compound collision shapes for objects with concavity and also the ability to
use an offset center of mass.


I developed a fast CSG library for use with fracturing objects.


I can be reached at gonefishing@stabinthedarksoftware.com
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